16 December 2022

16 December 2022

Howdy, Partner!

It’s all about partnerships for P3 in Wolverhampton in the new year!

P3 will be teaming up closely with the local council and charities in the city after winning a new contract delivering services for people who find themselves street homeless. The new service amalgamates some existing P3 services, as well as other services currently provided by different organisations, as well as some new ones. Thanks to Victoria Webberley, Lauren Grace and Alison Marjoram, who put together a brilliant bid application on just a few weeks’ notice!

16 December 2022

Keeping People Cosy at Ilkeston Hub

Icy temperatures and rising energy prices are a perfect storm for people struggling to stay warm – but a £7,505 grant from the National Grid is keeping people cosy at Ilkeston Hub.

16 December 2022

Let's Get Lit!

The Jewish Festival of Lights begins on Sunday, so happy Chanukah – or chag Chanukah sameach – to all our colleagues who plan to celebrate it. (When writing Hebrew words in English letters, “ch” is used as a guttural H. Sometimes it’s called Hanukkah to make it easier. That’s OK too.)

16 December 2022

Christmas Jumper Parade

Here’s a selection of the finest Christmas jumper-ware P3 has to offer!
Keep those Christmas pics coming on Workplace 🎄

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Congrats to...

Julie Dalton

Congratulations Julie, for a new opportunity after all your work with Warwickshire Young People. Best of luck in all you do!



Ilkeston Talking Together group marked Chinese New Year with crafts, activities and Chinese horoscopes to welcome the new Year of the Rabbit. Xin nain hao!


Derbyshire Outreach Team

Thank you to DOT, who braved the snow and ice to find people and bring them in to warmth and safety.