20 January 2023

20 January 2023

Welcome to P3 Housing!

Hello, hello … and welcome to the P3 Housing blog!

People aren’t always entirely sure exactly what P3 Housing is or how it fits in with the rest of P3. So as the Chief Executive of P3 Housing, I hope to clear it all up in this blog and also introduce you to a few of the people behind it.

20 January 2023

A Word From the Chair: Gill Moy

It’s a real honour to be asked to write a blog about P3 Housing and the great work we are doing!

I have been the Chair of P3 Housing since its inception in 2016 and we have been on quite a journey! We started off with just a handful of properties that were transferred to us from P3 Charity and a lot of hard work went into getting Registered Social Landlord status.

20 January 2023

A Home For All: John Spriggs-Taylor


Hello, I’m John Spriggs-Taylor, one of the Directors of P3 Housing.

I was lucky to work with Mark and Jo many years ago when they built two lovely new nursing homes for long-stay residents of Kingsway Hospital in Derby. (We will all miss Jo Summers, who has tackled so many important issues to get the very best for all our people. It’s too early to say goodbye, but never too early to say thank you to Jo.)

20 January 2023

Wellington Road

It doesn’t matter if a person doesn’t yet have a place in their own name to call home. Everyone still deserves somewhere safe and secure to live.

That’s why P3 Housing puts so much effort into not only finding properties that can be used for various housing services, but also making sure they are to a high quality. No matter what personal circumstances someone finds themselves in, nobody should ever have to live in substandard conditions.

And that’s exactly what P3 Housing is thinking as it renovates 53 Wellington Road in Wolverhampton. (And 51 and 55! We have acquired more properties along the way to improve the services we will be providing there.)

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