27 September 2022

26 September 2022

Day 1: The Power of Identity

To kickstart National Inclusion Week, we interviewed two of our Trustees, Nancy Scott and Aquilla Lindo-Cozzella about why celebrating National Inclusion Week is so important. Watch the video here to listen to their candid and insightful conversation about the importance of inclusivity, its impact in their own personal and professional lives and how it can be used both as a tool for self-reflection and to empower our colleagues and the people we work alongside.

27 September 2022

Day 2: The Power of Connection

There probably isn’t a single person in P3 reading this who hasn’t learned the power of connection over the last two and a half years. The lockdowns affected us all in many different ways, and I’m sure some of us found it easier than others. But that sense of isolation, of being cut off, of losing our connections, was almost universal. For many of us, including myself, being unable to meet up, to chat, have a laugh and properly connect with the people I loved and cared for, or whose company I enjoyed, felt stressful, lonely and at times downright frustrating as I was unable to offer that all important in-person support …

29 September 2022

Day 4: The Power of a Diverse Network

First of all, thanks to all who have taken part in National Inclusion week. I know a lot of effort and energy has gone on behind the scenes.

30 September 2022

Day 5: The Power of Knowledge

Here at P3, we are glad to have the people we work alongside shape our services. They are the ones who know best how we are performing, so their views are the ones that we use to expand our knowledge and improve our practices.

01 October 2022

Day 6: The Power of Partnership

For 2022’s Inclusion Week, I’ve been asked to write about how we find power in partnership, sometimes known as good “allyship”. This is a misunderstood topic, but one of the most important ways you can help to create a more diverse, fair and inclusive environment to work and life is through allyship. So I’m going to share some information about what it means, and how to get started!

02 October 2022

Day 7: The Power of Commitment

Over the last week, both colleagues and trustees have participated in National Inclusion Week. We have heard people’s stories, colleagues have been connecting and we have also been thanking and recognising one another.

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Julie Dalton

Congratulations Julie, for a new opportunity after all your work with Warwickshire Young People. Best of luck in all you do!



Ilkeston Talking Together group marked Chinese New Year with crafts, activities and Chinese horoscopes to welcome the new Year of the Rabbit. Xin nain hao!


Derbyshire Outreach Team

Thank you to DOT, who braved the snow and ice to find people and bring them in to warmth and safety.